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Meet the Staff

About Writing Centre

Arlene Archer is the coordinator of the UCT Writing Centre. She is located at the Upper Campus Writing Centre which is the “mothership” from which all our satellite Writing Centres emerged. Arlene’s research interests include “drawing on popular culture and multimodal pedagogies to enable student access writing in Higher Education.” Arlene loves the Writing Centre because the “students and the consultants are inspiring” and her hobbies include writing and research. She has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from UCT. Her research employs a multimodal perspective to re-look at key concerns and concepts of an 'academic literacies' approach to teaching and research in Higher Education, looking at the relations between writing and other communication modes such as gesture, images, verbal language, colour, layout. She has published in journals such as Language and Education, Teaching in Higher Education, English in Education, Social Dynamics, British Journal of Educational Technology, Education and Change, Visual Communication.

Gadija Arend is the administrator of the Writing Centre. She enjoys interacting with students on a daily basis, and assisting them with online registration and other queries they may have. She used to love coffee but now Turkish apple tea is her favourite. In addition, Gadija enjoys outdoor life in all its forms from gardening, to long walks on the beach. She loves meeting new people and socialising.

2018 Consultants

Deryck Sheriffs is originally from Liverpool, UK, and works at the Upper Campus Writing Centre as consultant and mentor for postgraduate students. Deryck’s hobbies include photography and weight training. When asked about what he loves about the Writing Centre, Deryck said: “the wonderful lively and diverse team.” 

Kendi Osano is originally from Nairobi, Kenya, joined the Upper Campus team in 2017. She is an avid baker and is currently doing a Masters/PhD in Media. Her research is focused on the framing of various issues in the media. What Kendi enjoys about her role as a writing consultant is being able to help others with their writing.  

Khadra Ghedi Alasow is currently doing my first year of Masters in Environmental and Geographical Science. Herresearch interests are along the lines of land reform, conservation and capital.  As she entered university, she had a lot of difficulty with expressing her knowledge on paper. Over the years, she learned a lot from others and have gained a few writing skills. She completed her undergrad at UCT where she found that the biggest part of knowledge she gained from fellow students. The writing centre is a platform where she can give back some the writing skills to other students who may be in the same position she was in a few years ago.  Writing is increasingly becoming an important aspect of everyday life. She enjoys talking to other students about their academic work, and helping them express their knowledge onto paper.

Tumelo Lekhanya is a LLM (Tax Law) student at UCT. He is still exploring what exactly he wants to do after his Masters but he is hoping to get an epiphany of note at some point. He has an unhealthy love for coffee and all things related but he also drinks water here and there. He is particularly interested in the intersection between Law and Finance which explains why he decided to pursue his current course. In his downtime, he tries to get some decent exercise and leisure reading (he loves sport biographies).

Gustav Nyambe Mbeha is from Namibia and joined the writing Centre consultancy team in 2018. He is currently a PhD candidate in Linguistics and enjoys doing research as well as reading. For his PhD, Gustav works under CALDi on variations in African languages and is supervised by Dr. Matthias Brenzinger and Prof. Raj Mesthrie on his PhD.  In 2017 he obtained a first class masters degree from UCT.  His hobbies include connecting with people, sports, hiking, traveling, food and tea. Gustav is easy going and always enjoys a good laugh.