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Arlene Archer co-ordinates the Writing Centre at the University of Cape Town and teaches in Applied Language Studies, Higher Education Studies, Film and Media. She has a PhD in Applied Linguistics from UCT. Her research employs a multimodal perspective to re-look at key concerns and concepts of an 'academic literacies' approach to teaching and research in Higher Education, looking at the relations between writing and other communication modes such as gesture, images, verbal language, colour, layout. She has published in journals such as Language and Education, Teaching in Higher Education, English in Education, Social Dynamics, British Journal of Educational Technology, Education and Change, Visual Communication.

Gadija Arend is the administrator of the Writing Centre. She enjoys interacting with students on a daily basis, and assisting them with online registration and other queries they may have. She used to love coffee but now Turkish apple tea is her favourite. In addition, Gadija enjoys outdoor life in all its forms from gardening, to long walks on the beach. She loves meeting new people and socialising.

2014 Consultants

Ilse Groenewald is involved in Higher Education Studies. She has a cat named Artha, and she doesn't like broccoli! Her favourite writing-related quote is: "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by." ~Douglas Adams.

Taahira Goolam Hoosen has a keen interest in the Medical Research field particularly in haematological cancers and human genetics. She is currently busy with her MSc (Med) in Haematology, focusing on the differential expression of miRNAs in HIV-associated Burkitt's lymphoma. She has a passion for and thrives on making a difference in people's lives especially through education. She is a techno/IT-freak but still loves the harmonious cool breeze on a glorious Cape Town Summer's day.

Lyndsey Melissa Petro (aka the Duchess) is currently doing her Masters in Sociology. Her research interest is in perceptions and experiences of continuity and change in post-apartheid South Africa. With a passion for student development, Lyndsey is also a tutor in the Sociology department, working on developing engaging learning experiences.

Robyn Human received her MA in Psychological Research, specialising in Neuropsychology, from the University of Cape Town in 2009. She is currently studying towards a PhD in Psychology, investigating the effects of acute psychosocial stress on cognitive performance. She hopes to graduate in 2015. During her time at UCT, and specifically during her postgraduate career, she has developed a passion for research, teaching, student support and academic development.

Ziyanda Ndzendze is doing her final year of Masters in Practical Anthropology. Her research is on breastfeeding and motherhood, looking at women's experiences of breastfeeding and infant feeding. She is also looking at the local knowledge that exists around breastfeeding and infant feeding that may influence infant feeding decisions and that might act as a barrier to exclusive breastfeeding. She loves God, babies, people and academia... in that order. Her favourite quote about writing is: "Being in the mood to write, like being in the mood to make love, is a luxury that isn't necessary in a long-term relationship. Just as the first caress can lead to a change of heart, the first sentence, however tentative and awkward, can lead to a desire to go just a little further." ~Julia Cameron, The Right to Write: An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life.

Sarah Middleton is currently studying towards her Masters in English Literature. She is named after the Bob Dylan song ‘Sara', and was crowned First Princess of Miss Thai New Year Cape Town in 2004 (the Queen didn't fall ill that year, so I didn't get to open any shopping malls). She loves drinking tea. Her favourite quote about writing is: "The difference between the almost right word and the right word is... the difference between the lightening bug and the lightening" ~Mark Twain.

Habib Noorbhai is currently studying towards his PhD in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. His life is based on principles, and being crazy and/or jovial is his favourite medicine! He is driven by his humanitarian consciousness and he is delighted to be part of the Writing Centre family. He thinks of writing as aspects that create positive change in the lives of people, and provide and engage individuals with knowledge, thinking, and innovation.

Akisha Pearman has taught English in the US, Spain, Madagascar, South Korea, Mozambique and Angola and is interested in teaching, learning and writing practices in Lusophone African universities. She enjoys putting herself into challenging situations (including coming to UCT), learning about how people, things, and systems work, taking photos, Bossa Nova, and teaching. She loves writing, but it takes her a really long time to get it just right. In life and in writing she thinks this quote from Arthur Ashe is appropriate for most things: "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Maribanya Lebeko (Mariba) is a final year PhD candidate in Cell Biology. His interests are in finding ways of treating post-burn hypo-pigmentation and reduced aesthetics in burn patients, through the use of 2D/3D in vitro skin models. The passion has been triggered by the high incidences of burn injuries in Africa, mostly in SA, as well as lack of affordable and appropriate treatment regimes in the South African context. Besides being a family man, he is keen on small scale events organisation and management; a skill in progress and acquired through non-formal means of education.